Let's Get Serious About Food

My step-by-step system will help you take control of your brain, increase focus & energy, lose weight or gain weight/muscle and create the internal freedom you’ve been dreaming of.


I'm Mark Metry

I spent a lot of my life in and out of doctor's offices. Asthma, chronic stomach issues, and every time doctors wouldn't know what to do but give me the same answer...

Eventually, I went off to college and experienced tremendous weight gain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and skin issues that debilitated my life.

I used the power of food to transform my physical & mental health. Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you find health and freedom.

I’ll show you how to enjoy food, while decreasing stress, and increasing confidence & energy all with the power of food!


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My Food Philosophy

  • I will not make you shove 3 lbs of Kale in your smoothie.
  • I'm not interested in telling you to eat food you don't want to eat.
  • I will not make things overly complicated or dogmatic.
  • I'm not interested in restricting you or making you fear food.
  • I will not let my bias or personal beliefs cloud my thinking.
  • I'm not interested in shaming or guilting anyone to change.
  • I will not cause more stress, rather collaborate with you.
  • I'm not interested in judging because of diet preferences, habits or beliefs.

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