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5 Ways To Be More Confident In Zoom Meetings

Apr 08, 2021

"Wow, I didn't know I could change a few things, to see big results with how I acted and felt during video meetings at work."




It's never been more important, to be comfortable in your own skin, in your own home, while taking virtual meeting after meeting.

Many of us, like me who have a history of experiencing social anxiety, found it challenging to be in in-person meetings, and feeling a bit relieved after making meetings virtually.

However, as you may have noticed, the nervousness, anxiety, shaking still exists. Just because you have a virtual meeting, doesn't mean you shouldn't be nervous like a normal meeting.

Here are 5 ways to make yourself more confident in zoom meetings, scroll to the end of the article to learn more on how I can help you personally!

1. Adjust your Settings. 

Technology is wired by default to distract you. A distracted brain is an anxious brain.

Turn on speaker view, to avoid looking at everyone, just the person speaking.

Disable virtual backgrounds, disable or mute notifications to avoid distractions.

Mute yourself until it's your time to speak.

2. Don’t Look at Yourself after the First 10 Seconds

Look at yourself for the first 10 seconds. Make sure you look presentable in the camera, your body posture, camera frame are good, and then don't look at yourself.

Disable your view and look at the person speaking, or when you're speaking, look directly at the camera. The more you look at yourself, the more self-conscious you can become. 

People, especially those with social anxiety, often suffer from too much consciousness. Some is good, too much, can make life complicated and have our mind running in thinking loops that create more and more anxiety.

3. Socially Prepare Intentions Beforehand

Personally, as an introvert, when I go to events or get invited to do a virtual talk, I always get acquainted beforehand. If I don't, my mind will anxiously search for information.

I realize if I can understand who will be at the meeting, the intention during the meeting, and my own personal intention, it can make things clearer. 

Send an email to your team leader. Ask him or her if there's anything you can do before the meeting to help. This is helpful because by doing so and communicating ahead of time, you will also help your team or other people in meeting to be less socially anxious.

Writing down your personal intentions can help your mind focus, and truly understand who you are. Oftentimes, we get socially anxious because we think people are going to judge us. When you write down your intentions for good and to be helpful, the next time your brain scares you into thinking people are judging you...

Doing this gives you direct evidence that proves yourself right, social anxiety otherwise.

4. Don't Think About What You Are Going to Say Next

Huh, what? That is probably what you are thinking right now.

Other than preparing any notes, research, points before the meeting, you should never think about what you are going to say, while someone else is talking.

Socially anxious people's brains trick them to get distracted, be overly introspective, and hyper analyze everything they are about to say, which usually leads to more anxiety and not speaking up because your brain has convinced you what you are about to say is stupid...

And then in an instant, you're nervous, sweating, overthinking, and say something random you don't really believe in as a defense mechanism to being overly socially nervous.

Instead, pay 100% close attention to what is happening in the meeting. What's happening? Who's talking? Am I listening to every word and understanding? Do I have any questions?

If you practice this enough, eventually you will trust yourself to pay attention in the present moment, and when it's your time to speak, you open your mouth and speak the truth.

5. Get Your Blood Flow Moving

Introverts and socially anxious and shy people often fall into the trap of over-intellectualizing their thoughts and use thinking as a substitute for action.

No action leads to more anxiety.

Our thinking brain constantly gets trapped in loops.

One way to avoid this is by not thinking, getting up, and moving your body.

Simply going for a walk or run outside, doing as many pushups or jumping jacks as you can, yoga or deep stretching can help force shift your mind to a different state or emotion.

Additionally, you can also try doing power poses.

Can I help?

Over the last several years I’ve devoted my life to helping introverted, shy, socially anxious creators, entrepreneurs, students, executives, and professionals move these mental obstacles out of their life so they can get busy being their real selves in front of anyone.

If you are interested in potentially inquiring about my services for yourself or someone else, please fill out this form below and message or email me with any questions!

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