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LinkedIn Foundation

Unlock your LinkedIn using proven and tested systems, brand building, frameworks to accelerate your career, your business as an entrepreneur, and reach hundreds of thousands of people with your thought leadership.

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Simple Content Creation

Learn how to set up the proper systems that uniquely work for you on a regular basis.

Motivation Inspired

Use your humanity to build a loyal following on social media that doesn't hurt your mental health.

No Fake Auto Bots

Many other courses use auto-software which could get you banned. We don't do any of that!

Build a Power Network

We teach you how to network on a regular basis with the titans of your industry.

Course Structure:

Part 1: Introduction
  • Welcome to the Training
  • How this works
  • Activity: Before We Begin...
 Part 2: Why Master LinkedIn?
  • Why You Should Master LinkedIn
  • Biggest Misconceptions to Avoid
  • Find Your Why for LinkedIn
  • Activity: What's your WHY?
Part 3: Integrating LinkedIn
  • Doing Well, Isn't Easy (But Doable)
  • What's Your Commitment? (Life, Family, Business)
  • Integrating LinkedIn In Your Life
  • Creating Your Commitment
  • Activity: Your Commitment Exercise
Part 4: Basics & Fundamentals
  • Intro Section
  • About Section
  • Headline & Featured Section
  • Background Section
  • Skills & Endorsements Section
  • Accomplishments & Other Settings
  • Activity: Working on the Fundamentals
Part 5: Discovering Your LinkedIn Story
  • Why People Will Follow You
  • How to Authentically Present Yourself
  • Activity: How to Discover Your LinkedIn Story
  • Create Your LinkedIn Palace
  • Create Your LinkedIn Personas
  • Activity: Your Demographic & Psychographic
Part 6: Researching the Landscape
  • Learning What's Out There
  • How to Search Your Industry
  • Activity: Research Exercise Finding
  • Your Decision Maker (Personas)
  • Activity: Comparing Your Findings
Part 7: How to Create Opportunities
  • Build the Habit of Daily Value
  • Forms of Meta-Content
  • How to Create a Content System
  • Power of Visual Images (sliders)
  • How to Create Images & Sliders
  • Power of Written Word (Articles)
  • Writing a Post in Real Time
  • Videos Create Authenticity & Trust
  • How to Easily Create Videos
  • LIVE Streaming on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn Stories
  • Integrating a Podcast
  • Activity: Time for Your Content
7. Engagement Is Your Door
  • Engaging with Decision Makers
  • Creating an Engagement Plan
  • How to Engage with Others
  • Building Time in Your Schedule
  • Managing Your LinkedIn Inbox
  • Activity: Engagement Plan
8. Get off LinkedIn
  • Now for the Ultimate Mission!

What People Are Saying...

Kelvin J.

"I went from a hater to a customer. I have a strong LinkedIn following of over 40,000 people. The rest is history."

Cam V.

"Thank you for creating the LinkedIn unlocked course, it’s helped me tremendously and I’m almost at 10k followers from implementing what you teach in the course."

Sharran R.

"Every course I've taken is boring and average. Mark's is the only one I've seen that's actionable, truly educational, and also enjoyable."

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