Over the last few years,

I have been experimenting daily on LinkedIn.

I have failed.

I have wasted time.

I have messed up.

Combined with my 11 years as a marketer I have created the LinkedIn Unlocked Mastery Course for those of you looking for a no-BS guide to use LinkedIn to get the results you want in your life.

I don't want you to terribly fail, waste a ton of valuable time, or mess up hard.

LinkedIn has helped me generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and more importantly, saved me millions of dollars in advertising my message for FREE.

Here's what you will learn:

Craft Your Story

Unlock Your LinkedIn course will teach you how to package and present your story.

Create Opportunity

Learn how to use your account to bring opportunities for your career, clients, media

Simple & Easy

Don't complicate LinkedIn with 10 tools. Follow an easy & streamlined process

Proper Engagement

Learn how to communicate properly with the right decision makers & audience

Why Purchase LinkedIn Unlocked Course?

Lifetime access. Social media always changes and so will this course. By purchasing, you will be able to access this course anytime in the future with updated content.


Includes hours of foundational content combined with actionable exercises & homework to help you hone in on your LinkedIn Journey to truly learn.


Cutting edge industry knowledge gained through hundreds of hours of practical application, not from reading articles on the internet or reading the book. Actually doing it.


Not about vanity metrics like the number of followers you have. This course is not about pumping digital numbers on your phone. It's about bringing you real-world results.


Gain access to an optional private group on LinkedIn where you can ask me and other users questions and receive live answers regularly.


Applicable to job seekers, college students, sales teams, executives, authors, coaches and anyone looking to scale a message, movement, product or service.


Don't reinvent the wheel. My LinkedIn course will teach you how to dominate LinkedIn without buying a thousand things or spending too much time away from your regular daily responsibilities.


As long as you take the material learned and apply, you will see results quickly. Within 1-3 months you will notice a complete change in your LinkedIn platform long-term.



I sincerely appreciate you.

It means the world to me that you visited my website and checked out my life's work. 

If I can do ANYTHING for you, 

please never hesitate to contact

me :) I look forward to hearing

from you.

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